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Sean Mackedie - Proprietor

Born and raised in Cairns in the mid 80's, I've lived here for most of my life (except for a short stint in Townsville, but I got better). My father bought me my first computer in 1995, and I don't think I've spent a day away from them since. Back then I'd often do things that would cause it problems, pushing the limits of what it was supposed to do, and then when I inevitabily broke things again I'd watch the technician work his magic and get things back up and running again. After a few years, I eventually absorbed some of the tricks and methods this man would do to get my computer to work properly again, until soon enough I was able to fix my own problems.

When the Internet started to become more common in homes I'd learn more about how things worked. With a search engine I could find the answer to almost any problem I was faced with, and download tools to perform different tasks to help fix things when they went wrong. AT the same time I started learning more about the hardware, I helped to build my second computer from parts, and occasionally I'd come across different bits and pieces I could use to upgrade my system, or even build other (admittedly awful to use but still functional) computers from old spare parts.

My friends and family worked out what I was capable of, and soon enough I became The Friend Who Is Good With Computers. I'd often pop over to visit a friend and end up spending most of the time sorting out their computer for them. I learned a lot of different ways of doing things in a whole lot of different environments. Sometimes I would get paid, usually it was in beer.

Eventually I moved to Townsville for a couple of years, while I was down there I sort of fell into the role of IT Manager for a training organisation. Here I had my first real experience in a corporate environment, working with Windows and Linux servers, webpage development, database design, and started to learn programming (as I found a number of situations where there simply wasn't a tool out there I needed, so I had to build one). I watched as the company moved from a couple of small cottages, into office space in the middle of town, to having its own campus, and now working with locations across the country, and for much of that transition I was there making sure the computer systems would continue to support the staff and students as the company grew.

I have since moved back home to Cairns, to be closer to my family and friends and get back to my roots. I decided to formalise and build upon my skills, and am currently studying at James Cook University in a Bachelor of Information Technology. Eventually I intend to be involved in software development, building the programs and data systems people use every day, but for now I'll be doing what I'm best at - fixing computers!